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    Halo Infinite will receive an update next week

    Halo Infinite will receive a new update next week. The Drop Pod update for the free multiplayer component of the game is scheduled for August 9, 2022, and some new details about the content of this free update have been revealed.

    According to 343 Industries, Drop Pod mainly focuses on some improvements to the player experience in several aspects.

    The update will release on August 9, 2022, so we’ll see a few new features that aren’t huge, but could improve the gameplay a bit in between progress and other things.

    Other innovations include accessories for the Mark VII helmet, in response to a request from users for greater compatibility of this helmet model with new customizations. In addition, additional elements and modifications are planned for other helmet models, which can be used more widely than before.

    In terms of game modes, additional multiplayer ranked playlists are planned, adding more options for different match types. With the arrival of the Drop Pod update, the groundwork is also laid for the Region Select option, which will be fully implemented in the future to improve player pings.

    As seen on PlayGround

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