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    Halo Infinite creates a unique weapon that can create black holes and bots

    Enthusiasts continue to experiment with the features of the Forge mode in Halo Infinite, which offers players an almost limitless map editor experience. Despite the stage of closed testing of the capabilities of the Forge, they have already managed to recreate the locations from Outlast and Alien Isolation. Now the players began to experiment with the possibilities of weapons. Halo Infinite now features a pistol that fires a black hole and a shotgun that fires bots.

    A weapon with the ability to release a black hole was created by a user under the nickname Z Mods. According to him, he implemented a special script in the Forge of Halo Infinite that mimics the capabilities of a black hole. At the point of impact, a ball appears, which attracts all objects around and transfers to another space. If you turn on the alternative shooting mode, the player will release all the transferred objects back.

    An enthusiast with the nickname Artifice was also able to develop an amazing gun. His unique shotgun allows you to fire bots that remain fully functional once fired.

    As seen on PlayGround

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