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    Half-Life Source: Remastered V2 available for download

    Modder Stane has released a brand new version of the Half-Life Source: Remastered Collection Mod Pack. This package contains many mods aimed at improving the graphics of Half-Life Source.

    Version 2.0 introduces the following new mods (along with those in previous versions).

    • Half Life: Source Fixed
    • High Quality HL1 Sounds
    • AMMO BOX Reskins
    • Half-Life Decay Grunt Replacement
    • HD Classic Zombie V.2
    • Hi-Res Human Gibs
    • HL: Source – ‘High-Definition’: Source pack v1.03
    • HL1 Source Black Mesa Style Chapter Icons
    • Islave High Quality
    • Life and HEV Charger reskin
    • New Hev Battery and Medkit
    • New HLS Weapon Image
    • Office Complex Sign Pack
    • Sign Pack 2-5
    • Final Sign Pack
    • BMS Sounds For HL:S

    As the name suggests, this modpack is only compatible with Half-Life Source.

    You can download Half-Life Source: Remastered V2 from here.

    As seen on PlayGround

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