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    Half-Life players plan to break the Steam record

    Half-Life fans are planning to set a new world record on Steam. On August 14, 2022 at exactly 10:00 UTC, the Half-Life community, mobilized by YouTubers Radiation Hazard and Noclick, will enter Steam en masse and unlock their copies of Half-Life. The goal is to break the SteamDB record for the most concurrent users, which currently stands at around 6,000. This is a very achievable goal, especially considering that in 2021, as part of an event called Breaking the Bar, the same Half-Life community managed to simultaneously attract 16,000 people playing Half-Life 2, breaking the previous record.

    If you want to participate, the rules are simple. First, make sure you’re playing a vanilla copy of the original Half-Life, and not Half-Life Source, Opposing Force, Blue Shift, Black Mesa, or any other modified or expanded versions. Secondly, you must play for at least 30 minutes, otherwise your presence will not be registered in the Steam database.

    You can share your participation and spread the word using the #RememberFreeman hashtag, and various famous Half-Life YouTubers will also be streaming the game on the day. You can find more information in the Radiation Hazard video below.

    As seen on PlayGround

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