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    Half-Life Black Mesa remake will get a remake on the original Half-Life engine

    The modders of Black Mesa (originally Black Mesa: Source) spent about 15 years reworking Half-Life on Valve’s Source engine. It was a massive and ambitious undertaking, and it was a huge success. While Black Mesa sticks to the structure of Half-Life, it also expands on the game, adding a lot more detail and drama, and even reworking many of the levels. It’s a fitting tribute and a masterful reimagining of the classic sci-fi shooter.

    Now another group of modders are taking Black Mesa and… porting it to the Half-Life 1 engine. Yup. The mod is called Black Mesa Classic, and it’s a remake of the Black Mesa remake, bringing an updated version of Half-Life back to the original game’s engine. So it goes.

    In fact, the project was announced back in 2019, so it’s been going on for a while, but now it’s ready. one level demo, We’ve Got Hostiles.

    This is a GoldSRC project aiming to remake Black Mesa: Source with Half-Life assets on PC. Our main vision is to bring a new look to the original Half-Life in the original engine, adding more realism and immersion, making Half-Life more enjoyable, and giving GoldSRC a long life.

    Another goal is to make this version of Black Mesa playable for anyone on any PC. Do you have an old laptop or an ancient PC that doesn’t run modern games very well? You’ll still be able to play Black Mesa Classic, provided your PC is at least powerful enough to run the original Half-Life, which isn’t a difficult task.

    As seen on PlayGround

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