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    Half-Life: Alyx’s NoVR Mod Gets Major Update

    Half-Life: Alyx NoVR, the most popular mod that removes the need for a VR headset to play Valve’s latest Half-Life game, has received a major update that, among other things, updates the protagonist’s arm and hand models and fixes some issues with older ones. versions.

    The update was released on the occasion of the Steam Summer Sale, where Half-Life: Alyx can be purchased at a 60% discount. The NoVR mod is completely free and only requires a copy of the game to use it.

    In a post announcing the update’s new features, the modders explained that they used Half-Life 2’s mechanics as the basis for translating Half-Life: Alyx’s interactions into a flat version.

    In this way, players can dodge, jump, run, and perform all the actions seen in Half-Life 2. The hardest part of the mod concerns the hand and arm models, which have been remade from poorly rendered originals into a flat version. Some of Valve’s sketches were taken as a starting point for the work to make the work fit the character.

    Other innovations include the addition of Alyx pockets (present in the VR version), improved collisions, the addition of support for other well-known game mods, easier use of ladders, fewer crashes, and an overall improvement in stability on the Steam Deck.

    You can download the latest version of the modification directly from our site with fast download via torrent.

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