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    Half-Life 2 Mod Makes Ravenholm Look Like Silent Hill

    Independent developer Broken Light Studios is currently working on a mod for Half-Life 2 that will change the look of the game in quite an interesting way. A project called “Dark-Life 2”, which is currently being demoed available for download, includes the entire game and reverses the time of day for each level. Daytime episodes will become nighttime and vice versa, giving the game a much creepier atmosphere. The ambient fog and daylight breaking through the clouds make the game feel more like Silent Hill.

    While not traditionally a horror series, Half-Life games have their scary moments. Some of the enemies Gordon Freeman faces, such as the poisonous headcrab or the final boss of the first Nihilanth game, are truly unsettling. Perhaps one of the most terrifying episodes in the entire franchise is the Ravenholm segment in Part 2. A deserted mining town at night turns the game into something more creepy. It would be easy to think that creating a daytime experience would alleviate the horror, but that obviously isn’t the case given what Broken Light Studios showcases in their latest video.

    As seen on PlayGround

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