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    Greater north: Vancouver Titans 2022 Overwatch League team preview 

    In 2021, the Vancouver Titans were objectively one of the Overwatch League’s least successful teams. When your mark on a season revolves around a sponsored promotion for breadsticks, that doesn’t bode well for the long-term reputation of an organization.

    After logging a 1–15 record last season, the roster was predictably demolished during the offseason and Vancouver looked towards the future. Heading into a new era of Overwatch 2, the team is clearly hoping acquiring tested talent will bring a bit of respect back to the Titans name.   


    If the Titans organization forked over money to upgrade any specific role, the DPS lineup surely proves it. Former Vancouver Titan sHockWave returns to the team this year after spending time with the Philadelphia Fusion. Thankfully for him, the team is looking better than it did the last time he wore the green and blue.

    Toronto Defiant’s former clutch hitscan, Aspire, heads to the Great North this year along with flex Seicoe out of the European Overwatch Contenders circuit. The three of them make a formidable crew that should be able to tackle all of the necessary heroes in Overwatch 2

    Vancouver will also be borrowing a bit of the Defiant’s best with flex support Aztac, who was a bright spot in 2021. He’ll be sharing flex support duties with Skairipa from Contenders team British Hurricane. The Titans’ most notable signing of the offseason was that of Masaa, the Atlanta Reign’s longtime main support who decided to seek a new adventure for 2022. 

    The team’s only tank is False, a standout from Bobby Wasabi and a long-term staple in North American Overwatch Contenders. From Reinhardt to D.Va, every tank hero is going to fall under his responsibility.

    2022 outlook 

    From a purely statistical standpoint, there’s nowhere to go but up for the Vancouver Titans; any amount of wins above one is theoretically an improvement. Both the players and staff are looking to rise above a breadstick meme, though, so “good enough” can’t exactly cut it. 

    The team’s highlight is absolutely its DPS lineup, which is stacked even in comparison to other, more highly-rated West Region teams. Aspire and sHockWave are both battle-tested and have proved they can carry fights whenever necessary. Seicoe is no slouch either. The same can be said for the team’s support line, headed by Masaa, who has dealt with Atlanta’s various wild tactics over the past few years and can easily handle whatever Vancouver throws at him.  

    Question marks arise when looking at the tank role and the lack of change in the coaching staff. While False is an impressive player, one person may not be able to adequately handle the amount of balance changes Overwatch 2 will throw at teams throughout the season. With no coaching additions over the offseason, fans should be a bit concerned; there’s still a chance that the same tactics that sunk the Titans last year remain floating around the lobby. 

    Vancouver faces Boston Uprising in its first match of the year on May 6 at 3:30pm CT.

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