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    “Great game with a good sense of humor”: Jagged Alliance 3 first reviews

    Journalists published the first estimates Jagged Alliance 3. The media were pleased with the game, calling it a worthy successor to the franchise, and also noted a good sense of humor. The disadvantages of the strategy were recorded only by the artificial intelligence of the enemies, which in some places are too weak.

    “Jagged Alliance 3 is a deft and beautiful return to the franchise with plenty of options in and out of combat.” Shacknews.

    “Jagged Alliance 3 represents the return of turn-based strategic combat. The game is so well made and addictive that it could revive a genre that has only been alive in recent times thanks to the efforts of a few enthusiasts. The reckless choice not to show the likelihood of successful attacks proves to be decisive, as it makes each firefight unpredictable, forcing you to risk everything several times, ” The Games Machine.

    “It’s a success and a big push for the genre to take it outside of the mold we’ve been stuck with for years.” Rock Paper Shotgun.

    Estimates of some publications:

    • IGN – 90\100;
    • Wccftech – 85/100;
    • PC Gamer – 81\100
    • God is a Geek – 80\100;
    • VideoGamer – 80\100;
    • Gamepressure – 75\100.

    The release of Jagged Alliance 3 is scheduled for July 14th. The game from Haemimont Games and THQ Nordic will only be available on PC. The price of pre-ordering the strategy on Steam at a 20% discount is 1600 rubles.

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