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    Google releases Chrome OS Flex operating system for older and weaker computers

    The company opened public access to a special version of the operating system designed for weak and outdated computers.

    Initially, Chrome OS Flex was introduced back in February of this year – then the OS was announced as a solution for weak computers, and only testers could try it. Now the company has given everyone the opportunity to try the light version of the system for free.

    It is stated that with the help of this OS, even on older computers, it will be possible to comfortably use part of Google services, thus turning a low-power device into at least some useful workstation. However, the system also has limitations – for example, unlike the regular version of Chrome OS, Android applications cannot be run on Flex. Also, due to the “dampness” of the operating system, there may be problems with peripheral devices – DVD drives, fingerprint scanners, and so on.

    System requirements are really quite modest: many AMD and Intel x86 and x64 processors will do, almost any integrated graphics card, and you will also need 4 GB of RAM and 16 GB of hard drive space. You will need to install the system from a USB flash drive.

    As seen on PlayGround

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