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    God of War finally made it to the Xbox. Almost

    A cheap and terrible copy of God of War is now available for purchase on the Xbox Store. It’s called War Gods Zeus of Child, costs $4, and puts you in control of Sony’s iconic series hero Kratos. It’s actually a futile, multi-minute experience where you have Kratos aimlessly slash through an endless stream of enemies in the arena until you get bored or the slayer of the gods dies.

    The game was developed in Unity, and its geometry immediately collapses, as soon as you step outside the boundaries of the arena. The game lacks any in-game music and even sound effects. Kratos also doesn’t have a backward walking animation, so he just slides while moving backwards. When Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently stated that God of War is his most anticipated game, it’s unlikely he had this craft in mind.

    War Gods Zeus of Child is released thanks to the Xbox Creators Collection, the part of the Xbox Store that is designed to sell games without the usual Microsoft certification and approval, and without achievement support. In essence, the Creators Collection is the Wild West for game development that can be used by anyone from small studios to students. Older Xbox fans may remember the Xbox Live Indie Games program from the Xbox 360 era, which was an early version of the same idea.

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