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    Gloria Victis is hosting a Halloween event

    The MMORPG Gloria Victis is hosting a Halloween event. The game includes special events, limited rewards and a lot of new content. In recent weeks, the developers have also carried out a complete overhaul of the game world, improved the game’s visuals, and implemented several quality-of-life improvements.

    Over the past weeks, the developers have introduced many massive updates and improvements, including:

    • Redesigned skybox and graphics
    • Redesigned lighting systems
    • New and updated environment models
    • Updated game world
    • New locations and lands
    • Reworked quest chains and starting zones.
    • New feature – Questboards
    • Spawner management system
    • New animations
    • Redefined drinks crafting branch
    • animal husbandry
    • New events for both casual and hardcore PVP players.
    • Introduction of the knowledge system
    • Updated game engine
    • Halloween event start

    As seen on PlayGround

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