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    GIGABYTE X670E and X670 AORUS motherboard lineup details revealed

    GIGABYTE today showcased its new line of AMD X670E and X670 Socket AM5 motherboards for Ryzen 7000 series Zen 4 desktop processors, scheduled to launch in September. New motherboards based on the X670E chipset received several PEG slots for connecting the drive to PCI-Express Gen 5 at once, with the Gen 5 M.2 form factor, this feature will be typical for the TOP part of the GIGABYTE AORUS motherboard series with X670E AORUS Xtreme and X670E AORUS Master. The rest of the AORUS Pro and AORUS Elite line is based on the X670.

    Both the X670E and X670 offer at least one PCI-Express 5.0 x16 slot (which can be split into two x8 Gen 5 slots); and at least one PCI-Express 5.0 x4 M.2 NVMe slot connected to an AM5 processor. The X670E is notable for having an additional Gen 5 M.2 slot that is connected to the SoC, in addition to the Gen 5 PCIe downstream connection from the chipset. AORUS Xtreme leads the way with a monstrous 18-phase VRM that uses 105A DrMOS, an 8-layer PCB, four Gen 5 M.2 slots, the highest-end built-in audio with ESS headphone DAC, AQuantia 10 GbE, WiFi 6E, and a host of user-friendly overclocking functions.

    The X670E AORUS Master is the second best and features GIGABYTE’s enhanced stability, with a 16-phase VRM that uses the same 105A DrMOS as the AORUS Xtreme, two Gen 5 M.2 slots instead of four on the AORUS Xtreme; 2.5 GbE instead of 10 GbE and built-in codec based on Realtek ALC1220. Just below that is the X670 AORUS Pro AX with its 6-layer PCB, 16-phase VRM that uses 90 A DrMOS, one Gen 5 M.2 slot connected to the SoC, 2.5 GbE and WiFi 6E, and integrated audio on ALC897 base.

    The most affordable board in this batch is the X670 AORUS Elite AX, which has a 16-phase VRM using 70A power stages, the same set of expansion slots as the AORUS Pro AX, and, interestingly, is equipped with WiFi 6E based on an AMD-based chip. MediaTek (The rest in this series use the Intel AX210. Below are more precise specifications.

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