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    GI Joe Snake Eyes video game is in pre-production after receiving approval from Wizards of the Coast

    American company Atomic Arcade, led by former developer Warner Bros. Ames Kirshen, said that after a recent meeting with the staff of Wizards of the Coast, GI Joe Snake Eyes has moved from concept to “AAA” pre-production.

    The pre-production phase aims to get the game and the team ready for full production and then release, according to the Atomic Arcade blog.

    Snake Eyes was the star of the 2021 film GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra. Snake Eyes, which was supposed to kick off the reboot of the GI Joe film franchise.

    Wizards of the Coast was believed to be developing a number of video games, including Atomic Arcade’s Snake Eyes. However, a Bloomberg report in January reported that the owner of Dungeons & Dragons had canceled at least five unannounced games, a clear indication of the company’s dwindling video game ambitions.

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