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    Ghostrunner 2 publisher invests 590 thousand euros to support the game after its release

    The first Ghostrunner, a fast-paced first-person shooter with parkour in the forefront, proved to be a huge success, so it’s no surprise that a sequel was made. Polish studio One More Level plans to develop the game after the premiere with numerous additions. 505 Games, the game’s publisher, decided to spend 590,000 euros, or about 60 million Russian rubles, on this.

    According to Szymon Bryla, head of One More Level, the agreement signed between the Polish studio and the Italian publisher covers a year of post-release support for Ghostrunner 2:

    We know the huge potential of Ghostrunner 2, so we are very excited about the decision to extend our partnership with 505 Games. We are pleased that the publisher recognizes the capabilities of our team and the project to which we have given our whole heart over the past years. Additional post-release support will be focused on creating unique in-game and cosmetic content – both paid and free – so that players can enjoy Ghostrunner 2 even longer. The conclusion of an additional agreement added wind to our wings, which will benefit not only us, but, most importantly, the fans of our games.

    We don’t know what kind of content we are talking about, but you can look forward to, among other things, a major story expansion. The first Ghostrunner received it over a year after its release. Smaller paid expansions will probably add new weapons to the “two” (something like the Halloween Pack or Winter Pack for the first part). As for post-release updates (free), it is possible that they will add new modes or challenges to the game.

    Recall that Ghostrunner 2 will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S and PC consoles this year. The exact release date is unknown, but it is known that the levels in relation to the “one” will be more developed, and sections on motorcycles will appear among the new features.

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