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AI Images of YOU (New FREE & Easy Method)

AI Images of YOU: Free and Easy Method

Are you curious about injecting your face into AI images for free? Look no further! This article will guide you through a beginner-friendly and super easy method to achieve this. The process involves a tool called, which simplifies the previously complex and confusing steps of using Google Collab to generate AI images.


The creative director, John, experimented with and impressed others with images featuring the narrator’s face. From the Joker to Captain America and Iron Man, the images showcased a range of characters. This led to a discussion about how to create such images without the complexity of Google Collab.

Artflow Features and Process

Artflow takes the confusion and complicated steps out of generating AI images. It’s designed to create consistent characters, leveraging stable diffusion and dream booth techniques. Even better, the initial training to insert your face into the AI is free. Once you have created a consistent character, you can generate various images and even videos using the same character.

Get Your Face on AI Images for FREE

Signing Up and Creating Your Character

Signing up for a free account on allows you to start creating your own AI characters. By providing a few photos of yourself, you can train your face into the AI platform. This process takes about 10 to 30 minutes and results in your face being transformed into an AI character suitable for generating a multitude of images.

Exploring Image Generation

The process of image generation involves prompts such as “Matt Wolfe as Superman flying above a city skyline” or “Matt Wolfe with purple hair and a shocked expression on his face.” The tool generates multiple images based on these prompts, offering an extensive range of possibilities. You can use these images for various creative purposes, from personal avatars to fun social media posts.

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Get Your Face on AI Images for FREE