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    Gen.G out of VCT 2022 after loss to Built By Gamers Academy

    Gen.G is out of VALORANT Champions Tour after an upset loss to Built By Gamers Academy. 

    Gen.G is no longer in the VCT after failing to qualify for either Challengers main events in 2022. At the start of the year, Gen.G removed both koosta and gMd, who had been long-standing members of the VALORANT roster. But, like T1, Gen.G has been unable to turn roster moves into results. 

    After failing to qualify for the first Challengers main event, Gen.G added jcStani and PureR, formerly of 100 Thieves and XSET, respectively. Both players seemed like good upgrades for the team. Despite the new additions, Gen.G continued to struggle through the open qualifiers for the second Challengers. The team lost their opening matchup to SoaR, which sent them to the lower bracket. Losing the first match meant the team would have to win six consecutive best-of-three matches to qualify for the main event 

    Gen.G was able to beat Lenny Time, Moon Raccoons, and VIRTUOSO before facing off against Built By Gamers Academy, who were dropped to the lower bracket by Cosmic Divide. What was a solid attempt at climbing Mount Everest turned into a disappointing end to the team’s run at the VCT in 2022. And, to add insult to injury, Gen.G can only watch the Challengers main event as former member gMd plays in it with TSM.

    Since Gen.G missed the main event of NA Challengers in both Stage One and Stage Two, they failed to earn any circuit points, which means that they will also not be able to qualify for the Last Chance Qualifier at the end of the year. LCQ is a last resort for teams across the various regions to earn the last remaining spots at Champions.

    With 2022 in the books, Gen.G will have to set its sights on next year to compete in VCT again.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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