Garfield Movie Trailer 2: Chris Pratt, Samuel L. Jackson


The Garfield Movie - Official Trailer #2 (2024) Chris Pratt, Samuel L. Jackson, Hannah Waddingham

The Garfield Movie: A Whisker-Twitching Adventure!

The world-famous lasagna-loving cat, Garfield, is back in a new animated film that promises a wild outdoor adventure filled with humor and heartwarming moments. Starring the talented voice cast of Chris Pratt as Garfield and Samuel L. Jackson as his scruffy street cat father, Vic, this movie is set to delight audiences of all ages.

A Cat-astrophic Reunion

Garfield and his loyal canine companion, Odie, find themselves embroiled in a high-stakes heist after a chance reunion with Vic. Forced to leave their pampered indoor life behind, the trio embarks on a hilarious and daring escapade that will test their courage and friendship.

Meet the Team Behind the Magic

Produced by a stellar lineup including John Cohen, Broderick Johnson, and Andrew A. Kosove, with a screenplay by Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgove and David Reynolds, the movie promises to stay true to the beloved Garfield characters created by Jim Davis.

Garfield Movie Trailer 2: Chris Pratt, Samuel L. Jackson

Directed by Mark Dindal, known for his work on popular animated films, the movie is set to hit US theaters on Memorial Day Weekend and UK cinemas on May 24, 2024.

Don’t miss out on this purr-fect blend of comedy, action, and heart. Get ready to join Garfield and his furry friends on a paw-some adventure that will leave you smiling from whisker to whisker!

Positive vibes all around! Embrace the feline fun and laughter as you follow Garfield on his meow-velous journey. Get ready for a tail-wagging good time at the movies! 🐱🍝🐾

Garfield Movie Trailer 2: Chris Pratt, Samuel L. Jackson