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    Garden Renovator simulator announced

    Garden Renovator is a professional gardening simulation game. Use specialized tools to create stunning gardens and delight your customers. Let’s start creating dream gardens now!

    At Garden Renovator we experience the real life of a gardener. Transfer your experience from Garden Galaxy or Rooftop Garden Simulator to Garden Renovator to complete the mission brilliantly. Customers are willing to pay a lot for bold and trendy designs. The only limit to this game is the imagination.

    You are a well-known gardener in the country, who has many outstanding achievements. Live up to your reputation. Luckily, you have all the tools you need to create amazing gardens.

    Everyone can grow trees and gardens, but only a few can shape trees in a lively and interesting way. Use all the tools available in Garden Renovator to weed, care for plants, shape and create the garden of your dreams.

    With the money earned after each contract, gardeners can buy land and create more impressive new gardens.

    Grow new plants, buy more tools and unlock many items in the Garden Renovator. When you complete your new work, don’t forget to share it with other designers.

    As seen on PlayGround

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