Gaming Discord’s New Ad Feature


Discord: Now with Ads!

Discord’s New Feature: Quests and Ads


Discord, the popular communication platform, is making waves with its latest addition of ads and quests. This move has stirred up some excitement and raised a few eyebrows among its users.

The Details

Discord is expanding its quests program, allowing users to share their gameplay screens to earn in-game rewards. While this sounds similar to Twitch’s drops, Discord’s quests have a unique twist. Some users will be notified of quests, while others will only find out when their friends start streaming. Moreover, ads on Discord will be personalized based on user data and displayed in the bottom left of the screen, with options to opt-out of specific promotions.

Surprising Turn

Interestingly, Discord’s move towards ads contradicts their testimony to the US Senate, citing their platform as different from traditional social media due to its lack of ad-based monetization. This shift has left some users scratching their heads but opens up new revenue streams for the platform.

Gaming Discord’s New Ad Feature

April Fools’ Shenanigans

In the spirit of April Fools’, various gaming companies played jokes on their audience. From CD Projekt Red’s floppy disk edition of Cyberpunk 2077 to Blizzard’s balanced Overwatch mode, the gaming community was treated to a slew of creative pranks that left players amused and entertained.

Indie Funding Concerns

Despite the success stories of indie games like “Hell Divers 2” and “Parlor,” developers are voicing concerns about dwindling funding opportunities. Deals with companies like Epic and Xbox have reportedly shrunk, making it harder for small studios to secure funding for their projects.

Ending on a Positive Note

Despite the changes and challenges in the gaming industry, one thing remains constant – the passion and creativity of developers and players alike. Discord’s new features, April Fools’ jokes, and the indie gaming landscape may evolve, but the love for gaming and community spirit endures.

In conclusion, the gaming world is always evolving, and it’s thrilling to see how platforms like Discord adapt and grow to meet the needs of their users. Let’s embrace these changes and continue to enjoy the vibrant gaming community that brings us together. Cheers to the future of gaming! 🎮✨

Gaming Discord’s New Ad Feature