Gaming Company Attacked, Destroyed by Hero Hei


This company attacked Gamers and got Destroyed

The Dark Side of Sweet Baby Inc: A Tale of Bigotry and Backlash

Sweet Baby Inc, a narrative development and consultation studio based in Montreal, claims to focus on inclusivity and creating engaging, meaningful, and inclusive stories in the video game industry. However, recent events have shed light on a darker side of the company, rife with bigotry, corruption, and authoritarianism.

Controversial Actions

Employees of Sweet Baby Inc have come under fire for their controversial actions. One employee, Felix At Home, made disparaging tweets targeting black people and advocating for violence against Jews. These actions not only contradict the company’s mission of inclusivity but also raise serious concerns about the company’s values.

False Flag Operation

Another employee, Chris Kindred, attempted a false flag operation against a Steam curator group that was simply informing people about the games Sweet Baby Inc had worked on. This backfired spectacularly, leading to a surge in support for the group and exposing the questionable practices of Sweet Baby Inc.

Gaming Company Attacked, Destroyed by Hero Hei

Activism in Gaming

Amidst the backlash against Sweet Baby Inc, gamers have emerged as activists, standing up to corruption in the industry and exposing the true nature of the company. The efforts of gamers to hold companies like Sweet Baby Inc accountable highlight the power of community action in the gaming world.

The Reality Behind the Facade

While Sweet Baby Inc presents itself as an activist company, the evidence suggests otherwise. The company’s actions paint a picture of corruption, bigotry, and authoritarianism, undermining their stated mission of inclusivity and empathy in storytelling.

As the backlash against Sweet Baby Inc continues to grow, it is evident that the gaming community values transparency, integrity, and accountability in the industry. By standing up against unethical practices and exposing wrongdoing, gamers are pushing for a more ethical and inclusive gaming landscape.

While the controversy surrounding Sweet Baby Inc may be disheartening, it is heartening to see the gaming community banding together to advocate for positive change in the industry. Together, gamers have the power to shape a more inclusive and ethical future for gaming.

Gaming Company Attacked, Destroyed by Hero Hei