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    Games disappear from Apple Arcade

    Apple today removed 15 games from Apple Arcade, just two weeks after listing the first batch of titles to leave the service.

    In mid-July, we noticed that Apple listed 15 games under the heading “Available for a short time only”, all of which were soon to disappear from Apple Arcade. Now, some of the famous titles, like Over the Alps, are actually no longer available on Apple’s service. Along with it, games such as Spelldrifter, Projection: First Light, Lifeslide, EarthNight, Cardpocalypse, Dead End Job and others disappeared.

    In light of the fact that the project can no longer be downloaded from Apple Arcade, the developers of Over the Alps spoke a little about their plans for the future. Although nothing is said directly about the continuation of the iOS version, the price of the project will be reduced on other platforms, and the final chapter will be offered as a browser game for free on

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