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    Gameplay trailer for stylish first-person action Tokyo Underground Killer

    Today at Bitsummit in Kyoto, Osaka-based developer Phoenix Game Productions unveiled a new trailer for their game Tokyo Underground Killer.

    The game is a first-person action game being developed for PC using Unreal Engine 4 and is slated for a release in the second quarter of 2024, but the developers are also considering making console versions for PlayStation and Xbox.

    Visually, the game is focused on a combination of neon and bloody colors, and its map is set in Tokyo and is inspired by the real city.

    For combat, the player can use weapons (sword and sub-weapons, including pistols) and blood magic. The enemies, called “Flatliners”, are a mixture of Japanese beauty and futuristic technology.

    The game features a customizable apartment that develops the story in comic book style, from where you can travel to the city center in Shinjuku. From the center, you can go down to the subway and complete missions that end with a boss fight.

    Interestingly, there are mini-games in the city center. Among them there is a full-fledged Pachinko.

    The story is told in an interactive comic written by Hans Stenbach, who worked as an artist on NieR: Automata and Resident Evil 4 Remake. The music score is provided by Andrew Halshult, who previously wrote music for Dusk, Amid Evil and Doom: The Ancient Gods. The director is Daniel Hejazi, who is also the game director of Phantom Fury from Slipgate Ironworks and has previously worked for CyberConnect2, PlatinumGames and Capcom.

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