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    Game systems in the trailer for Anonymous;Code – the new game from the creators of Steins;Gate

    Spike Chunsoft has released a new trailer for the upcoming localized release of MAGES-developed science-adventure visual novel Anonymous;Code. It also talks about the Saving and Loading and Hacking Trigger systems.

    The first allows the player, together with the main character Pollon, to determine when to save and load the game. In particular, the Hacking Trigger system allows the player to determine when Pollon should load a save file in order to change the future.

    In 2037, protagonist Pollon Takaoka and his best friend Cross Yumikawa work as hackers for Nakano Symphonies after the 2036 Sad Morning disaster. However, on one of these seemingly ordinary days, Pollon encounters a girl named Momo, who, for unknown reasons, is hiding from the authorities.

    Failing to protect her, he uses a new app he got to save and load in real life, just like in a video game. After saving the data, which can be viewed through the game’s user interface, Pollon begins to interact with the player in an attempt to uncover the mysteries of this program and other events.

    A new system trailer for Anonymous;Code can be seen below:

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