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Apple Gets Serious About Gaming

In a recent interview, Apple representatives confirmed that Apple is shifting its focus towards gaming, with Apple silicon changing the game for the Mac platform. The introduction of M1, 2, and 3 powered Macs has made it possible for these devices to play AAA games, streamlining porting games across iPhone, iPad, and Mac platforms, as demonstrated by the launch of Resident Evil 4 on Mac and iPhone. This shift in focus indicates that Apple is becoming more gamer-friendly, aiming to expand its gaming library beyond its existing offerings.

OpenAI Faces Lawsuit from New York Times

The New York Times has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI, alleging copyright infringement related to its chatbot GPT. The lawsuit claims that GPT can reproduce entire New York Times articles with minimal input. This lawsuit serves as the first major AI copyright lawsuit pertaining to news content, and the outcome could have significant implications for the AI and news industries.

Rise of Virtual Influencers

With the rise of virtual influencers powered by AI image generators, marketing agencies are finding cost-effective solutions for brand campaigns. Virtual influencers are proving to be substantially cheaper compared to human influencers, driving down the cost per impression significantly. This trend marks a shift in the marketing landscape, with South Korea and other regions embracing virtual content creators as part of their promotional strategies.

Game On with MacBook Pro

Quick Bits

Some quick news snippets feature Vizio’s class-action settlement, Google potentially axing Maps Driving Mode, and Michigan State University’s breakthrough in developing a living building material that can self-heal and clean pollution from the air.

MrBeast Rejects Elon

The unlikely scenario of MrBeast rejecting Elon Musk’s suggestion to upload a video on Twitter highlights the dynamic interaction between prominent figures within the tech and entertainment industries. Humanizing these influential personalities by showcasing their candid interactions adds a refreshing element to the narrative.

The Dawn of Public Domain Characters

In a surprising turn of events, historic characters like Mickey Mouse have entered the public domain, enabling creators to utilize these iconic figures in creative projects. While the characters now have a new realm of creative possibilities, it also raises questions about the impact on existing intellectual property rights and the boundaries of creativity.

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From navigating the legal intricacies of AI copyright to exploring the expanding universe of virtual influencers, the tech industry continues to surprise and intrigue. Don’t miss out on the latest TechLinked updates. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the tech world.

Game On with MacBook Pro

Game On with MacBook Pro