Game-Changing Windows Update!

Windows is About to Change Forever

Windows Super Resolution and AI Future

In the recent preview build of Windows 11, a hidden AI-assisted super resolution feature was discovered. This tool, which was found by a Twitter user named Phantom of Earth, aims to enhance the details and smoothness of supported games and native Windows apps. The catch is that the system needs a GPU with tensor cores or a processor with an NPU for it to work. This move is indicative of Microsoft’s push towards a future where AI processors will become standard for Windows PCs, expected to happen this summer as part of the major OS overhaul.

This glimpse into the AI future is aligned with the forecasts of the International Data Corporation, which expects 60% of PC shipments to consist of AI-powered PCs within the next three years, marking a significant change for Windows as we know it.

AMD’s Open-Source Project and Apple’s Settlement

Another significant development comes from AMD, which has secretly been funding a project to make CUDA compatible with Radeon cards for two years. The project, called Zuda, is now open-source, enabling Radeon GPUs to run modified CUDA code. However, there are some caveats, such as the inability to run code for Nvidia OptiX, but the project shows promise and has potential for further improvements.

Game-Changing Windows Update!

Meanwhile, Apple has reached a settlement in a lawsuit it brought against chip startup, Revo, two years ago. This settlement will allow Apple to conduct a forensic examination of Revo systems to recover any confidential information, signaling a resolution to the legal dispute between the two companies.

Quick Bits and Milestones

In other news, Xbox head Phil Spencer hinted at the development of next-gen Xbox devices, including a dockable handheld that can stream games from the cloud and run games locally. Nvidia has also launched a new workstation GPU, while Google One has reached a milestone of over 100 million paid subscribers. Furthermore, engineers at MIT have created a wearable ultrasound sticker for continuous monitoring of internal organs, and this year’s Super Bowl ads were full of AI, showcasing various technological advancements in the industry.

This rapid pace of technological innovation and collaboration between industry leaders is shaping the future of technology and holds great promise for the advancements yet to come.

Always remember, the future of tech is full of endless possibilities and exciting innovations!

Game-Changing Windows Update!