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    Gabe Newell starred in a humorous video in honor of the announcement of a set based on Portal for Dota 2

    Dota 2 will have a voice acting set, a set of voice acting for murder streaks in the voice of Cave Johnson. Johnson is the mad founder of Aperture Science from the game Portal, voiced by Academy Award winner Jay Kay Simmons. In Valve’s six-minute ad for the set, Simmons doesn’t feature much, but Gabe Newell takes up almost the entire space.

    The Cave Johnson Announcer Pack will be released on November 3 as part of the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass, as always, is a path of rewards that can be purchased and then progressed through the game or purchases.

    If you haven’t played Dota 2 or any MOBA in general, then you should know that the announcer is an important part of the game, providing not only kills, but also important information about the state of the game. The cosmetic voice packs replace all of the announcer’s voice lines, which are plentiful and have previously featured other Portal characters, as well as characters from other Valve games or indie hits like The Stanley Parable.

    In fact, it’s a rare opportunity to hear a high-profile actor deliver comical (or not-so-comical) lines.

    As seen on PlayGround

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