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    G2’s Broken Blade and Flakked both have a 44 KDA heading into the second week of 2022 LEC Summer Split

    After pulling off one of the most impressive win streaks in LEC history, G2 Esports’ League of Legends team has picked up right where they left off by going perfect through the opening weekend of the 2022 Summer Split. The team has looked impressive so far and the stats are there to back up that fact with Broken Blade and Flakked both leading the league with absurd KDAs.

    The talented top laner and AD carry are tied at the top of the LEC with a 44 KDA apiece, according to League stats aggregate Oracle’s Elixir. Broken Blade is tied with fellow G2 member Caps for the most kills in the league with 19 each, while also racking up 25 assists and a single death. Flakked, on the other hand, leads all LEC marksmen with 14 kills, 30 assists, and one death.

    Both players broke out a whole collection of unique champions across the opener as well. Flakked had his best carry game on Lucian, but he was just as impressive on Zeri and Senna, showing how flexible he can be for any team composition. Broken Blade played Gangplank and Yone, feeding into G2’s plans for domination through superior teamfighting.

    In fact, G2 continued to show why they’ve been one of the most feared teams in the region, drafting multiple different compositions while still maintaining their primary identity as the best teamfighting roster in Europe. Targamas, Flakked, and Broken Blade all have the same kill participation percentage too, which means that they operate and rely heavily on their overall team play rather than individual prowess.

    Along with Flakked and Broken Blade, however, Caps and Jankos have elevated their play to new heights and have become the perfect examples of reliable star carries. Caps has the fourth-highest average damage to champions per minute, while Jankos has the second-most assists in the league, according to Oracle’s. Together, they aim to lead this young squad to back-to-back championships on the way to another World Championship appearance.

    G2 will be back in action this weekend with games against Team BDS and Vitality.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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