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    FTL meets Rimworld in Cosmoteer’s new spaceship building sim

    If your favorite part of any game is when things get out of control, when half the world wants you dead, and the infidels stand at the gates in Crusader Kings, when the lower levels are flooded with lava in Dwarf Fortress, or when your team is evenly divided between breathless, possessed or burning in FTL, then the next game is for you.

    Cosmoteer was developed over 11 years by the independent studio Walternate Realities and bills itself as a “spaceship design, simulation and combat game” that will let you build a spaceship of any size and shape you want before everyone on board is horribly killed. in physics-based combat.

    It sounds very much like Rimworld or Drox Operative: one of those small but incredibly dense, system-heavy games that are created by tiny and fanatical development teams. The game’s description promises an “easy-to-learn, yet incredibly flexible” starship builder, and in the trailer, it looks like your personal Titanic starship can take on any layout you can draw before you start modding it.

    Starships can get as big as your computer can handle, but that will require the right crews. The guns must be loaded, as are the shields, which means that each torpedo and battery must be carried around your ship by a member of the staff, who may number “half a dozen to a thousand or more individually modeled people.”

    Walternate Realities promises a strong community element, allowing players to share starship designs on the Steam Workshop and even including a multiplayer mode that seems rare in this type of game.

    The game will enter early access this fall.

    As seen on PlayGround

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