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    Fruitbus Open World Cooking Adventure Announced for Consoles and PC

    Killbite Studio, developer of Sleep and Mosaic, has announced Fruitbus, an open-world culinary adventure game for unspecified consoles and PC (Steam). It will be released in 2024.

    Fruitbus is a sweet open-world culinary adventure where taste is everything. Upgrade your trusty truck and visit a whole world of new destinations together. Discover fresh fruits and vegetables on every island in the Gustum archipelago, learn about their customs, and prepare dishes that will make someone’s day better.


    • Upgrade your Frutobus. From a giant bouncy banana to racing wings, customize your Frutobus to reflect your personality. Find new ways to attract customers with music and bright colors.
    • Prey in the wild. Treat Mother Earth well as you journey through the wilderness and gather ingredients. Find inspiration for your next best-selling dish in ancient glades, hidden groves and forgotten grottoes.
    • Refine your recipes – upgrade your kitchen to match your playstyle. Prepare fun and original dishes for customers to taste or try to make a local delicacy.
    • Food for the soul. Expand your circle of loyal customers and discover their unique stories by creating dishes that evoke feelings and memories. Use the power of food to help and open up new possibilities for you and your Fruitbus.

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