From Vlogging to Jail: YouTube’s Notorious Criminals


YouTubers Who Turned Into Infamous Criminals

YouTubers Who Turned Into Infamous Criminals

From Prankster to Criminal Mastermind

Vitali ZDTV is one of the most notorious pranksters on YouTube, known for taking pranks to a whole new level. From pretending to be a hitman in a public supermarket to climbing the Pyramids of Giza, his stunts have led to multiple arrests, including a violent altercation in Miami Beach. Vitali’s most recent arrest in April 2020 showcases his continued run-ins with the law, raising concerns about his future behavior.

An Escalation of Events

Nina Unrated, an exotic dancer and lifestyle content creator, found herself surrounded by a SWAT team during a tense standoff with the police. Barricading herself inside her apartment with her son, her refusal to comply with requests led to a prolonged negotiation with the authorities.

A Stunt Gone Tragically Wrong

Mona Lisa Perez and Pedro Ruiz attempted a dangerous stunt for YouTube fame, resulting in a fatal outcome. Pedro’s idea of having Mona Lisa discharge a firearm at a book he held in front of his chest went fatally wrong, leading to a tragic and preventable loss.

From Vlogging to Jail: YouTube’s Notorious Criminals

From Reality TV to a Tragic Accident

Daniel Silva, a tattoo artist and social media star, faced legal troubles after a high-speed crash resulting in the passing of fellow YouTuber Corey La Barrie. Despite his initial arrest and legal challenges, Daniel has since returned to YouTube, reigniting discussions about his accountability and consequences.

A YouTuber’s Fascination with Dark Fantasy

Trey Eric Sesler, known as Mr. Anime, shocked the world with his descent into darkness. Having been one of the first creators to do authentic anime reviews on YouTube, he later took a dark turn, developing an intense fascination with real-world criminals. His disturbing behavior culminated in a shocking crime that led to his life sentence.

The Infamous Incel YouTuber

Elliot Roger, an individual deeply affected by mental illness and struggles with loneliness and rejection, plotted a devastating revenge against those who he believed had rejected him. His Manifesto detailing his motives and actions, along with a chilling video, showcased his disturbing plan before he ultimately carried it out, leaving a trail of tragedy in his wake.

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From Vlogging to Jail: YouTube’s Notorious Criminals