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    Freecs beat KT to climb over them in 2022 LCK Summer Split standings

    Kwangdong Freecs and KT Rolster were tied in the 2022 LCK Summer Split standings before today. But the Freecs registered a win in their showdown today to surpass KT for the time being.

    Freecs went into the first game of this League of Legends match with a better composition against KT’s picks. In teamfights, the Freecs was able to close off most of the map thanks to FATE’s Taliyah’s Weaver’s Wall ability. This helped them secure most of the drakes and other map objectives, allowing them to pick up a win over KT.

    Game two was all about KT’s bounce back. Getting Zeri, Viego, and Azir in the draft made it clear that KT were going to have a better late game than the Freecs. KT also had better rotations in this match, allowing them to pick off enemy champions. And thus, the second game was won by KT Rolster. Aiming’s Zeri was the star of this match, going 7/0/3 thanks to the support provided by Life’s Yuumi.

    The last game of this series was tilted toward the Freecs because of their better team composition. Picks like Kiin’s Fiora and FATE’s Lissandra were counters to KT champions in the top and mid lanes, respectively. Ellim’s Lee Sin was also able to secure most of the objectives on Summoner’s Rift and set up ambushes. Even though KT Aiming’s Ezreal became deadly in the late game, the Freecs’ well-rounded lineup was able to put a stop to him and win the game. The Freecs are now 4-4 in the 2022 LCK Summer Split, while KT drop to 3-5.

    The Freecs’ next series will be a tough one for them since they will be up against DWG KIA on July 14 at 6am CT. KT’s next game is also on July 14 against DRX at 3am CT.

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