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    Free WW2 Rebuilder Germany Prologue Coming Late July

    Wroclaw-based Polish developer Madnetic Games has announced that they will be releasing their next map in the alpha version of WW2 Rebuilder: Germany Prologue on July 26th. It’s a first-person building simulation set in the aftermath of the biggest military conflict in human history, World War II.

    In the latest expansion, you can play as a woman who, after many defeats, decides to help rebuild Hamburg, the city where her husband was badly burned during the bombings in 1943. The area around the church of St. Nicholas is the first place that we will see in this part of the game.

    The full version of the game will include various locations throughout Europe. Discover the history of the ruins you are about to rebuild from the ashes. Pick up a hammer or shovel, drive in with a bulldozer, clear the area and create a new look for the place by placing various decorations.

    Get ready for the perfect combination of history and construction simulation. See the stories of civilians and people of different nationalities after the war.

    As seen on PlayGround

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