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    Free DLC Flux for Citizen Sleeper will be released at the end of July

    Publisher Fellow Traveler and developer Jump Over the Age have announced that they will be releasing a free Flux DLC for Citizen Sleeper on July 28th.

    Flux will add a new storyline in which refugees start arriving at the station. As the station decides how to deal with this influx of bodies by enacting quarantine protocol, you’ll meet the crew of a ship called the Mountaineer Briar. First with its Captain Ash, whose story “will challenge the player to choose how to deal with a growing crisis that could threaten the entire station”, and then with Peak, who has “a plan to provide much needed assistance through the quarantine of the refugee fleet”.

    Flux is the first in a series of free add-ons planned for Citizen Sleeper, with an interlocking story that expands on the setting of the Helion system. There will be two more episodes that are tentatively scheduled to release on the Citizen Sleeper roadmap in October and 2023, respectively.

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