Fraud Alert: Sumsub Exposed!


Introducing ...What The Fraud

Welcome to What The Fraud!

What The Fraud? is a podcast hosted by Thomas Taraniuk, head of Partnerships at Sumsub, a leading verification platform. In each episode, Thomas interviews experts from various industries like AI, fintech, crypto, and iGaming to tackle the complex world of digital fraud in business.

Unveiling the World of Digital Fraud

From deepfakes to identity theft, account takeovers to money mules, and forced verifications, What The Fraud? delves deep into the most pressing fraud-related issues that businesses, big and small, encounter today. This podcast is your go-to resource for comprehensive, actionable, and up-to-date information on fraud prevention and protection.

Meet the Team

This podcast is a Listen Production for Sumsub, with Aidan Judd and Georgia Coen as the producers, and Kellie Redmond as the executive producer. For Sumsub, Mila Varavina serves as the executive producer. Dive into the world of digital fraud with this dynamic team leading the charge.

Fraud Alert: Sumsub Exposed!

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Positively engaging with the evolving landscape of digital fraud is crucial for every business. Stay informed, stay protected, and tune in to What The Fraud? to navigate these challenges effectively!

Fraud Alert: Sumsub Exposed!

Fraud Alert: Sumsub Exposed!