Frank Stone: Official Casting Gameplay


The Casting of Frank Stone - Official Gameplay Trailer

The Casting of Frank Stone: A Terrifying Journey into Horror

Discovering Cedar Hills

In the eerie town of Cedar Hills, the dark legacy of Frank Stone reigns supreme. This notorious figure has left a trail of violence that continues to haunt the residents and the very essence of the town itself. As a group of young friends delves into the secrets of Cedar Hills, they quickly realize that nothing is as it seems.

A Sinister Steel Mill

Within the confines of an Oregon steel mill, the chilling crimes of a sadistic killer come to light, unleashing horrors beyond imagination. The group of protagonists must navigate this nightmarish setting and unravel the mysteries that lie within. With an original cast of characters, each bound by their own demons, the journey into Cedar Hills promises to be a twisted and thrilling experience.

Coming Soon in 2024

Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of The Casting of Frank Stone, set to release on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC platforms. Whether you choose to explore Cedar Hills on Steam, the Epic Games Store, or the Microsoft Store, the terrifying journey awaits you.

Frank Stone: Official Casting Gameplay

Get ready to face your fears and uncover the secrets of Cedar Hills in this cinematic horror game.

Positive note: Embrace the terror, and prepare for an unforgettable gaming experience in The Casting of Frank Stone! 🎮

Frank Stone: Official Casting Gameplay