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    Forza Motorsport will welcome players of all skill levels

    The new Forza Motorsport from Turn 10 Studios and Xbox Game is positioned as a more serious racing simulator with realistic tracks and accurate physics of the car. Despite the strong differences in comparison with Forza Horizon, the project will be just as friendly. The developers of Forza Motorsport assure that their project is created for players of absolutely all levels.

    Turn 10 Studios Creative Director Chris Esaki recently commented that Forza Motorsport has a strong focus on realism. To do this, the development team created a believable physics of the behavior of cars, complex tracks and other nuances. However, according to Esaki, the game is still very flexible for players with different levels of involvement in racing games.

    For beginners, the developers have provided auxiliary vehicle controls on the track. Forza Motorsport will feature the familiar automatic shifting, racing line, traction control and more. And most importantly, each player will be able to customize these settings. The developers will not penalize players or deduct points for using such features in online races.

    Recall that earlier Chris Esaki spoke about advanced AI in Forza Motorsport.

    Forza Motorsport is scheduled to release on October 10, 2023 for PC and Xbox Series consoles.

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