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    Fortnite will host the Galaxy 3 cup with prizes

    On July 13, 2022, the Galaxy Cup 3 was announced, absolutely all Android players have the right to participate in a single-player competition and earn Khari equipment.

    The battle will take place on July 16 and 17, the developers offer a solo format in Zero Height. Participants need to get points for eliminating opponents by scoring as many points as possible in 2 hours (7 matches). The best fighters of the online shooter can count on Khari (Cold Space) and the Space Quiver decoration.

    A consolation gift has been prepared for all gamers who have scored at least 8 points. Take the graffiti “universe in a spray can”. Follow the event in the “Competition” tab. The latest patch added a battle machine and a big sale weekend. Also available in Fortnite is the “Gods of Thunder” set in honor of the new Marvel movie.

    As seen on PlayGround

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