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    Fortnite has a tutorial mode that proved to be impassable for experienced players

    Fortnite has been training since the launch… of the mobile version. PC and console users learned in the harsh environment of a real game, but now the developers at Epic Games have added a learning mode to these platforms as well. The tutorial aims to teach players the basics of movement, combat, healing and defense. Experienced players, noticing the appearance of the mode, began to play it with curiosity, but not always successfully.

    Under the post on Reddit, users discuss why experienced players get stuck at different stages of learning. Commentators agreed that the point is the speed of passage. Changed weapons too quickly – got stuck, used a first aid kit too early – got stuck and the like. The training is designed for beginners who move steadily from stage to stage, so the developers may not have taken into account some aspects that lead to bugs.

    As seen on PlayGround

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