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    Former TSM coach Woodbuck details his experiences with organization, says he was required to live at gaming house as contractor

    More allegations surfaced today around TSM, the team’s CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh, and the supposed toxic workplace being fostered within the organization. Following a detailed article published by the Washington Post’s Mikhail Klimentov, more people have revealed their experiences at the organization, including the team’s former League of Legends head coach KC “Woodbuck” Woods

    On the League subreddit, Woodbuck said that he was paid an “equivalent of $42k a year” during his short tenure with the team from December 2015 to February 2016, according to his LinkedIn page, and was also an independent contractor at the time, which meant he got no benefits. Although he wasn’t a full-time employee, he said he was required to live at the team’s gaming house and was “made to feel guilty” whenever he’d take a short break from his 16-hour workday to contact his significant other.

    “When I struggled to manage a few of the players personalities, [Reginald] and Parth told me this was ‘professional sports, the major leagues,’ and how I wasn’t living up to the quality of a major league coach,” Woodbuck said. “Guys, you are paying me, someone with no esports experience, $42,000 a year and it is my first month. You kinda get what you pay for.”

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    Woodbuck’s comments are only a small glimpse into the huge accusations that have been levied toward the practices being held at TSM. Near the end of 2021, for example, Doublelift spoke at length about his former team and how Reginald is “a bully who gets away with being a bad person because he’s powerful, because people are afraid to stand up to him.”

    The former pro player said that Reginald would verbally assault players and staff to the point where they would cry and that he “lacked respect [and] human decency” when he’d deal with members of his team. Doublelift also recently mentioned that he believes “a lot of people want to get out” of TSM after the organization suffered the worst LCS season in its history this past Spring Split.

    Reginald responded to the allegations in the Washington Post article in a Reddit comment. “I will do a complete ama once our investigation is done and happy to talk about anything point by point as I really have nothing to hide,” he said.

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