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    Forgotten shooters from the 90s are still being added to Steam

    Retro first-person shooters have been in high demand over the past few years: in addition to games like Dusk, Amid Evil and Ion Fury, Nightdive has brought gems like Powerslave and Quake to life, making them play better than ever on modern PC. It seems like the well of ’90s shooters should dry up for now, but every few months another obscure shooter pops up unannounced on Steam, seemingly lost in time. Today it’s Chasm: The Rift, a 1997 first-person shooter that was probably forgotten by everyone in ’98.

    Chasm’s Steam page calls it “a groundbreaking classic 3D first-person shooter”, although it had slightly above average ratings at the time of release.

    But perhaps the decades have been kind to Chasm: the screenshots on Steam look pretty nice in high-res, and the character designs are from the late 90s, where almost every enemy has a weapon instead of a hand. Chasm may not have been at the forefront of technology, but it allowed you to rip limbs off, which is still pretty cool today.

    Little-known publisher SNEG Ltd. recently released quite a few retro titles on Steam, including Gold Box D&D RPGs and Blade of Darkness. On the shooter front, it brought back Witchaven and its sequel. Nightdive also regularly brings back old games, but these revivals tend to be more iconic and less forgotten.

    Some of these old shooters make their way to the surface, but how many of them just lurk in the depths of Steam, technically revived but probably forgotten again. There’s ZAR from Nightdive and NAM, Corridor 7, Operation Body Count and Last Rites from Ziggurat Interactive, another retro revival publisher that must have won some sort of auction for the intellectual property rights to the 90s games that you never heard.

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