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    For the space sandbox Avorion released a new DLC Into the Rift

    With Into the Rift, indie developer Boxelware is releasing a new DLC for the space sandbox Avorion. The new expansion allows players to travel to a previously unknown dimension. Here they will complete research expeditions and earn lucrative rewards. In addition to all the new features and improvements, Boxelware has expanded on Avorion’s story and lore with DLC.

    In the Rift takes players to a new environment where they uncover the secrets behind the origins of numerous galactic rifts. Traveling into the unknown is only possible thanks to new technologies. Ships can now travel between all the rifts scattered throughout the galaxy since the last attack of the fiendish Xothan. Now it’s up to players to put an end to the war against the Xothan plague once and for all. By embarking on challenging Rift Expeditions in the service of Rift Research Centers, players can collect valuable research data. This can be traded in for upgrades such as powerful hybrid subsystems for their ships, or they can keep whatever they have found on their perilous journey for themselves. The deeper the players delve into the new dimension, the more dangerous the adventure becomes. However, with greater danger come greater rewards.

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