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    For the police simulator Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, an update with traffic management has been released

    Aesir Interactive and astragon Entertainment are expanding their popular simulation game Police Simulator: Patrol Officers with the sixth update since the Early Access phase began in June 2021, bringing various new traffic management features to players.

    With new tools, hand gestures and commands, traffic control is not only easier, but even more realistic for patrol officers on the busy streets of the fictional metropolis of Brighton on the US East Coast.

    The Traffic Management update allows them to block entire streets or individual lanes with traffic cones and barriers. Bystanders and bystanders may be instructed to wait at a specified location, not to use one of the sidewalks, or to turn around and take an alternative route to their destination. Drivers of vehicles may also be asked to wait, drive around a barrier, such as at the scene of an accident, or drive in a different direction.

    In addition to new features, the update offers players a number of bug fixes and improvements, such as improved NPV response to sirens and near intersections, NPV behavior when switching lanes or NPC behavior near patrol cars, and the ability to mod to customize siren sounds and lights indicators of their police cars.

    Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is available in Early Access for PC on Steam.

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