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    For the PC version of The Last of Us Part 1, a fresh update v1.1.1 has been released

    Naughty Dog continues to work on updates for the PC version of The Last of Us Part 1. This patch is primarily aimed at fixing various bugs, various crashes.

    It also includes platform and hardware specific fixes. The patch size is quite small compared to the latest ones – only 3 GB.

    Installing this patch will not result in a complete overhaul of shaders that players love.


    • Fixed a bug that occurred when quickly switching available skins
    • Fixed a bug due to which reflections did not appear in the rear-view mirrors of cars when the Real-Time Reflections function was disabled (Options > Graphics > Real-Time Reflections Quality)
    • Fixed missing rock and rock wall textures in some areas
    • Fixed issues that resulted in players being able to see outside of the game world in some places
    • Fixed quick turn animation when going into zoom mode without a weapon
    • Fixed VRAM usage indicator when resetting graphics settings to default after restarting the game
    • Fixed several in-game text, menu and text-to-speech translation errors
    • Fixed an issue where monitor resolution would not adjust when using the Reset to Defaults command (Options > Display > Reset to Defaults)
    • Fixed bow icon overlapping in UI with number of arrows when a melee weapon is also equipped
    • Updated the ‘Loading %’ UI to track loading progress more evenly
    • We fixed an issue resulting in graphics settings preview images not being displayed
    • Fixed several camera-related issues that could occur when launching the game at high frame rates
    • [Фоторежим] Fixed issue blocking full preset selection when using gaze direction
    • [Фоторежим] We fixed an issue resulting in arrow icons not interacting when using the mouse to change frame colors
    • [Model Viewer] Fixed a bug that caused multiple models to be selected at the same time
    • [Окраины] Fixed water appearance with image-based lighting disabled (Options > Graphics > Image-Based Lighting)
    • [Дамба Томми] Fixed a crash that could occur during cutscene on long game sessions
    • [Университет] Adjusted visual appearance of fog
    • [Автобусный парк] Fixed a camera issue that also caused a crash when moving around the bus while playing at high frame rates
    • [Автобусный парк] Fixed a crash that could occur during cutscene during long game sessions


    • Fixed an issue where water cannon shots would hit Riley but not register when using slow motion with V-Sync disabled
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when following Riley in the mall
    • Improved the level of detail in the Halloween shop
    • Fixed an issue that occurred when starting an optional conversation on the Affordable Getaways poster
    • Fixed an issue that caused the textures of narrative elements in scenes to look poor quality
    • Updated the ESDF control scheme in the arcade minigame to use the ‘G’ key as the alt key to better match in-game hit input


    • We fixed an issue where Magnifier might not work
    • Fixed an issue where the navigation direction icon could clip through the player character model


    • [ENGLISH, HUNGARIAN] Adjusted the language used when referring to adaptive triggers and the DualSense controller’s touchpad
    • [THAI, LATAM SPANISH, KOREAN] Fixed translations in the menu
    • [SWEDISH] Added missing text-to-speech functionality to the menu
    • [SWEDISH] Fixed language in game crash window


    • We fixed an issue where incorrect default graphics settings were applied to AMD RX 5700 and RX 6600 series GPUs

    Steam Deck:

    • Fixed an issue where PSO caching could get stuck at 50% game completion
    • Fixed an issue where connecting a DualSense controller while viewing scenes from the Cinematics menu could force the player into gameplay
    • Made changes to the UI to show the Steam Deck controls in the Screen Magnifier menu
    • Adjusted the location of the HUD elements “Weapon” and “Health”.

    Epic Games Store Version:

    • Fixed an issue that was causing the “Who’s a good boy?” achievement. not unlocked despite player fulfilling requirements
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the sky to appear black

    We at Naughty Dog and our Iron Galaxy partners are closely monitoring player feedback to support future improvements and fixes. We are actively optimizing, working on the stability of the game and implementing additional fixes that will be included in regular future updates.

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