Flare’s Takodachi Outburst


Flare Unleashes Her Inner Takodachi In Front Of Subaru...

Flare Unleashes Her Inner Takodachi In Front Of Subaru…

During a lively free talk session on Subaru’s channel, Shiranui Flare revealed her artistic side and love for Ina’nis from hololive. Flare expressed her admiration for Ina’nis, mentioning her adorable illustrations and captivating singing voice. Despite being a fan, Flare admitted to hesitating to comment directly, opting instead to silently retweet Ina’nis’ creations.

Flare’s Takodachi Obsession

Flare affectionately referred to Ina’nis as her “Takodachi,” showcasing her fondness for the virtual squid. Flare even confessed to purchasing Takodachi-themed merchandise, including a backpack and squishy toy. She humorously shared how she cherishes the items so much that she is unable to bring herself to use them.

Ina’nis’ Irresistible Appeal

Flare couldn’t contain her excitement when discussing Ina’nis’ merchandise, praising the quality and cuteness of each item. She reminisced about encountering Ina’nis’ goods at an expo, highlighting the squid-themed pouches and accessories that caught her eye.

Flare’s Takodachi Outburst

Shared Excitement and Unforgettable Encounters

Flare expressed her desire for limited edition Ina’nis merchandise, acknowledging her passion for the virtual talent. Despite language barriers, Flare emphasized her enjoyment of watching hololive talents collaborate, particularly mentioning her experience meeting Irys in person.

Flare’s dedication and enthusiasm for Ina’nis are evident, showcasing a deep-rooted appreciation for the character. Her infectious excitement and genuine love for Ina’nis resonated throughout the stream, creating a heartwarming and delightful atmosphere.

It’s clear that Flare’s affection for Ina’nis knows no bounds, and her enthusiasm is a true testament to the engaging and endearing world of hololive. Fans can undoubtedly relate to Flare’s genuine adoration for Ina’nis, making this interaction a memorable and heartwarming moment in the hololive community.

Embrace the joy and positivity that shines through in Flare’s admiration for Ina’nis, a beautiful display of camaraderie and appreciation within the VTuber community!

Flare’s Takodachi Outburst