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    First unboxing footage of white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller revealed

    A photo showing white Elite Series 2 controllers in a box was posted back in March, but hasn’t been heard from since.

    However, in July, an entire unboxing video of the controller, filmed by YouTuber Nicholas Lugo, was released and remained unknown until it was discovered by Twitter user Rebs Gaming on Monday.

    The video below shows what the person recording the video calls “the only white Xbox Elite in the US.” The controller appears to be genuine (although the tape on the packaging peels off too easily, suggesting it has already been opened), but there is no information on how Lugo acquired it.

    It’s possible that something like this can be faked using parts from the Xbox Design Lab, but it would be strange to put so much effort into creating realistic retail packaging for this.

    Microsoft has yet to officially announce the existence of a white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. The Elite Series 2 controller, which is normally only available in black (with the exception of the limited edition Halo), was released in November 2019.

    According to Microsoft, it is “the world’s most advanced controller to date” and took four years to develop.

    As seen on PlayGround

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