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    First-person roguelike Barony coming to Nintendo Switch on August 1st

    Barony is a first-person roguelike game from Turning Wheel that challenges you to explore dungeons. It was released on Steam back in 2016 and has evolved over the years with numerous updates. Despite the game’s engaging Minecraft-style art style and deep RPG mechanics, it has never been available on consoles. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter, Barony is finally coming to Nintendo Switch next month. Like the PC version, the Switch game will feature 4-player split-screen and online co-op play, as well as PC cross-play.


    • Test your skills with eternal death, mysterious dungeons and no hands
    • Play cooperatively with up to 3 friends via split screen, wireless play between Switch consoles and over the internet.
    • Master 13 classes, ranging from the familiar warrior, wizard, and rogue classes to the unique sexton, prankster, and sorcerer classes.
    • Conquer or kill surprises around every corner in a new dungeon every time you play
    • Invest in a deep RPG system with lots of loot and stats for analysis and synergy.
    • Unlock and use a huge variety of finder weapons, equipment, knowledge, spells and legendary artifacts.
    • Experience constant free updates from an active team who love the game and are active in the Barony community.
    • Dive deeper with 2 DLCs offering alternative ways to play with new character classes and monster races that offer even more ways to play.

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