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    First-person horror game Insomnis now available on Xbox consoles

    Insomnis has been giving goosebumps to players around the world for some time now. Translated into 15 languages, the horror game developed by Path Games has achieved both commercial and critical acclaim among PlayStation, Nnintendo Switch and PC users. Insomnis will also be available digitally on Xbox via Meridiem Games and will also be available on Epic Games. This adaptation will bring many innovations to enrich the chilling atmosphere of the Castelve Mansion.

    Insomnis is a puzzle-solving horror video game set in a maddening, ever-changing scenario. This will lead you to the incarnation of John Castevet, a man who considers himself lucky because he just inherited a magnificent mansion. What John doesn’t know is that the old home of the Castevet hides endless secrets that will send him into a spiral of terror. A story in the atmospheric horror genre that will not leave anyone indifferent.

    Throughout the story, the player will have to explore the mansion as if plunging into a nightmare, and get acquainted with very fluid gameplay, a progressive learning process that makes tutorials unnecessary, while learning to use their wits to solve all the puzzles, both analog and digital, interconnected … provided that they do not lose their minds.

    The good news is that Insomnis supports Xbox features like Smart Delivery and Xbox Play Anywhere support. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy features like cloud saves and stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution on Xbox Series and the Microsoft Store.

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