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    Filming of the film “Major Grom: The Game” is completed

    Oleg Trofim, director of “Major Grom: The Game”, said that the filming of the sequel has officially completed. According to the director, in the near future the tape will go to the post-production stage.

    Filming of our film is over! Let’s congratulate each other! Let’s thank each other for courage, respect, talent and hard work. “Major Grom: The Game” goes to a new harbor, to the post. Ahead of our picture are waiting for new adventures, ahead of our film with hope and anticipation awaits the viewer. I am more confident than ever that not a single drop of sweat and tears was shed in vain.

    In the sequel to The Plague Doctor, Igor Grom will have to face a new, even more dangerous enemy named Ghost.

    The film’s premiere date is still unknown.

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