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    Fighting game DNF Duel received a major update and a new DLC fighter became available

    The first Specter DLC is finally available in the DNF Duel fighting game. In addition, the Ver.1.40 patch has been released, which introduces various changes to the combat system and adds new mechanics such as “Indomitable Spirit” and “Cube Selection”. Before the fight, the player can choose a golden or clear cube, and when his health drops below 30 or 50 percent, he receives various boosts.

    Other changes include an update to the opening cinematic (the original can still be viewed in the gallery) and improved input on PS5. The search algorithm in Ranked Match has also been revised. Various bugs have also been fixed, such as the record/play button being triggered in some situations in practice mode, or defeating an opponent in story mode with a double knockout.

    Check out the full patch notes here. DNF Duel is available for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can see the gameplay for the new fighter here.

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